Portfolio Transactions

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Minimise risk, maximise returns

Whether you’re a buyer or seller of major debt portfolios, QUALCO's expertise and
guidance will ensure you make the right deal for your business.

A specialist partner

Across a range of clients and industries, debt portfolio management has been our specialism for more than 20 years. So why not adopt our holistic, data-driven approach to determine the best price for your portfolio sale, purchase, securitisation?

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A specialist partner

Your three-step plan

QUALCO’s unique software takes a detailed look at your data and reveals the deep insights and hidden value of your debt portfolio.
Segmentation and advanced multi-scenario modelling provides further information for our team of global experts.
A rounded collection strategy provides the final information needed for your business to reach a responsible decision.

Resources from QUALCO

Best practice blogs and guides written by our experts to help you manage all aspects of the debt portfolio lifecycle from methodology through to ethical practices.

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Advanced technology

QUALCO uses two robust systems and services to ensure your potential transaction receives rigorous examination.

Qualco analytics
QUALCO Analytics assesses your portfolio with multi-dimensional analysis, predictive collectability models and advanced statistics.
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QUALCO Data-Driven Decisions Engine (D3E) platform powers your decision making by providing strategic predictions on a daily basis.
Advanced technology
Redefining the debt landscape

Redefining the debt landscape

When you partner with QUALCO, you unlock technology that redefines the challenges of today’s debt landscape.

  • Establish your position with detailed segmentation analysis.
  • Exploit powerful analytics, insight and business intelligence.
  • Benefit from the experience of more than 200 professionals and with exceptional academic credentials.
  • Discover proposed strategies for successfully restructuring portfolios.

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With offices around the world, we’ve always got an open door. Contact us so we can provide the right solution for your debt portfolio management needs.

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