Make managing loans effortless

A trusted solution for effortless loan management, servicing, and credit restructuring operations. Our software ensures:

  • Rapid credit products rollout
  • Seamless loan management
  • Exceptional user engagement
  • Simplified system integration

Simplify Lending - Amplify Success

QUALCO Loan Manager guarantees fast deployment, comprehensive product overview and complete portfolio management.


Loan Lifecycle Management

Cover all stages, from portfolio onboarding to loan disbursement, termination and restructuring.


Features and Capabilities

Gain a comprehensive overview of your lending portfolio and monitor the loan lifecycle.

up to 15 Days

New Products Launch Time

Launch new credit products, reschedule and restructure loans within days, and adapt to market changes.


Covering the Entire Loan Lifecycle

A Loan Management platform ideal for all Creditors, including Retail Banks, Alternative Lenders, Debt Purchasers, and Loan Servicing companies.

Unlock end-to-end
loan administration

Prepare to launch new credit products and restructure loans with ease. Benefit from comprehensive functionality for managing performing, non-performing, and terminated portfolios. Our loan management software accommodates all types of lending products, including:

  • Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)
  • Consumer loans
  • Mortgages
  • Real Estate
  • Small Business loans
  • Corporate loans

One Platform - Limitless Opportunities

Discover the complete toolkit that simplifies every phase of the lending lifecycle.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What technology is QUALCO Loan Manager (QLM) built on?

    QLM is based on the latest technology (HTML5, CSS3 and Angular). The system combines Google's framework for the front-end part and Microsoft's enterprise solutions for the backend.

  • What lending products does QLM support?

    QLM supports various lending products including consumer, small business, commercial, and corporate loans. It also offers various interest plans and repayment structures to meet diverse lending requirements.

  • What lending stages does QLM cover?

    QLM's powerful functionality covers all stages of credit processing, from portfolio onboarding and loan disbursement to termination and restructuring. It also fully supports the management of performing, non-performing and terminated portfolios.

  • How long does it take to launch new products?

    QLM allows businesses to activate, configure, and manage new credit products and reschedule and restructure loans quickly. With comprehensive functionality for managing performing and non-performing portfolios of all credit types, the software enables loan administration through its wide range of automated calculations, interest billing, commission and fee handling, and collection options.

  • What reports does the system generate?

    QLM provides extended reporting capabilities on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis. Depending on business needs, financial reports are delivered every day for revenue monitoring, arrears bucketing, payment reconciliation and many more. In addition, the platform supports dashboard generation, dynamic Excel reporting, reporting database synchronisation, and customised exports for data analytics software or data warehouse systems such as the QUALCO Data-Driven Decisions Engine.

  • How does QLM ensure the security of my data?

    Every user action is recorded so that any account amendment or update is traceable. Also, simple setup features, including role, profile, and user management, allow the system administrator to modify operation needs and eliminate the risk of non-privileged actions. Lastly, QLM supports the four-eyes principle, maintaining all relative data of approvals and actions of two different organisational profiles based on a predefined customisable role hierarchy.

  • What are the deployment options of QLM?

    Our cloud-ready solution can be deployed as an Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) on the client's infrastructure or as a Cloud model (IAAS/PAAS infrastructure) supported by IT-managed services.

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