QUALCO Analytics Service

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Better returns from your debt portfolio

Unlock the hidden value of your debt portfolio. If there are improvements to be made, our analytics service will show you where.

Experience and expertise

Using advanced predictive models, we analyse and evaluate your portfolio to identify the most effective strategies for your circumstances.

With years of experience focusing on debt portfolios and market-leading technology, let the power of our analytics unlock your portfolio’s true potential and highlight significant opportunities for strengthening your business.

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Experience and expertise

The secrets of success

Advanced predictive models
Portfolio models to guide you through your strategy design path and test every business insight: probability of default, collectability, optimal offering, customer prioritisation and more.
Constant optimisation
QUALCO's proprietary Data-Driven Decisions Engine(D3E) ensures your strategy is always up-to-date by processing large volumes of data to constantly determine your optimal models for the current market situation.
Holistic approach
Our predictive models incorporate years of debt management expertise and are geared towards helping you implement better strategies through our dedicated technology platforms.

How we can help

Across industries and every stage of the debt lifecycle, QUALCO’s analytics service provides the guidance you need:

  • Advisory assistance for originators and debt purchasers on your collections framework.
  • Suggested strategies and procedures to improve your portfolio’s performance.
  • Advice and technology to capture the data you need to exploit more advanced modelling opportunities.
How we can help
The process

The process

Which aspects of your debt portfolio do we assess?

  • Firstly, we’ll take time to examine your portfolio’s characteristics.
  • We’ll study your customer behaviour and any emerging trends.
  • And we’ll consider the impact of your portfolio’s treatment history.
Together, these insights support data-driven decision-making: the essential resource for effective strategies.

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What QUALCO Analytics Service can do for you

Uncover hidden

QUALCO’s Portfolio Analytics dive deep into past performance, customer behaviour, portfolio landscape and benchmarks from previous experience to uncover the insights hidden in the data. Customers gain further understanding of their portfolio’s dynamics and continue to fill in the picture as portfolio management advances.

Guide portfolio

Data-driven portfolio management becomes a reality with QUALCO’s analytics services, which target every step of portfolio strategy to confirm business intuition, point to the right choice of treatment or design the ideal solution per customer segment.

Predict the

QUALCO’s predictive analytics capabilities help clients keep their portfolio strategy afloat in a continually shifting environment. Advanced models assess risk, predict customer reaction or shape optimal solutions in order to help clients carve ideal segments, put resources to the right task, and design the right products.

Monitor performance
at every level

With QUALCO’s analytics services, clients can get all the feedback they need on their portfolio’s performance with little effort. The built-in monitoring capabilities coupled with analytics expertise cover the whole range from live portfolio dashboards and operational reports to deep-dive analysis.