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Bring clarity to your debt portfolio

Across the entire NPL lifecycle, combine QUALCO’s market-leading systems and services to manage non-performing assets in a clear, feasible and sustainable manner.

End-to-end NPL management

Once we’re assigned a portfolio, our expert team undertakes high-level analytics and takes time to understand the present trends and dynamics.

QUALCO designs collection curves, agree appropriate strategies and review your assets before managing the portfolio either with your internal teams or our panel of debt collection agencies.

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End-to-end NPL management

Resources from QUALCO

Best practice blogs and guides written by our experts to help you manage all aspects of the debt portfolio lifecycle from methodology through to ethical practices.

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Unique Advantages

All-in-one solution
Handle everything from pre-delinquency through to collection, restructuring, legal action, and portfolio write-off.
No messy data transfers
Remove the risk of data transfers by managing internal and external teams through a single platform.
Multi-product support
Oversee all financial, utilities, and banking products, with efficient processing of any type of debt.

Understanding trends and portfolio dynamics

Invest in a partner to increase your portfolio’s performance.

Proprietary Analytics
Proprietary analytics models, combined with cutting-edge technology, increase your portfolio’s performance. Providers, including debt collection agencies, legal offices, and other specialists, are selected against merit-based criteria.
Providers, including debt collection agencies, legal offices, and other specialists, are selected against merit-based criteria.
Understanding trends and portfolio dynamics
The complete package

The complete package

Our holistic approach to NPL management combines QUALCO Collections & Recoveries and QUALCO Data-Driven Decisions Engine (D3E) with QUALCO Portfolio Management, QUALCO Analytics and QUALCO BPO services.

  • Detailed segmentation analysis establishes your position.
  • Proposed strategies show how portfolios can be restructured.
  • Successful loan book management generates future income.
  • Insight and advice help evaluate portfolios available to buy.

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With offices around the world, we’ve always got an open door. Contact us so we can provide the right solution for your debt portfolio management needs.

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