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Unlock Capital, Fuel Growth

Improve working capital, enhance financial stability, and drive profitability through increased cash flow and operational efficiency with a leading digital Supply Chain Finance platform. Experience:

  • Fast time to market
  • Real-time interaction
  • Transparency & control
  • Full UI customisation

'We doubled our factoring business with QUALCO ProximaPlus' TBC Bank

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TBC Bank Achieved a 10X Growth in 2 years with QUALCO ProximaPlus

  • Recorded all factoring transactions for accurate reporting and no data loss
  • Processed a great number of invoices through the platform
  • Minimised human errors and financing time from 5 hours to 30 minutes
  • Increased sales activity, doubling the number of their clients
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A powerful toolkit

From ensuring compliance and security to automating invoicing and risk analysis, our platform offers comprehensive tools for enhanced productivity.


Use Cases

5 Solutions to accelerate
your working capital

Dynamic Discounting
  • Optimise Early Payment
  • Automate Discounting Negotiation
  • Elevate Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Automate Invoice Factoring
  • Mitigate Factored Invoices' Risk
  • Unveil Real-time Insights
Supplier/Payables Finance
  • Provide Early Payment Programs
  • Improve Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Enhance Supply Chain Resilience
Merchant Financing
  • Achieve E-commerce Integration
  • Increase customer rehabilitation
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Benefit from better roll rates powered by insight-driven customer treatment
Islamic Factoring
  • Ensure Shariah compliance
  • Support Mudarabah and Murabahah

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Supply Chain Finance?

    Supply chain finance, referred to as supplier finance or reverse factoring, is a financing solution that allows suppliers to receive early payment on their invoices. By minimising the risk of disruptions in the supply chain, supply chain finance allows both buyers and suppliers to optimise their working capital. It involves a third-party financial institution, typically a bank or a specialised supply chain finance provider, facilitating early payments to suppliers on behalf of the buyer.

  • What is the system's technical architecture?

    The platform is developed using state-of-the-art technology, including Tomcat and Apache. The underlying engine is a trustworthy n-tier platform based on fast-scaling architecture. The Tomcat application server boosts the application layer and uses advanced caching technology. Furthermore, the full use of Java technology and the Java framework allows complete portability across any client and server platform. The platform communicates seamlessly with third-party software such as ERPs, Core Banking, Business Intelligence or Document Scanning systems.

  • What are the deployment options of QUALCO ProximaPlus?

    From greenfield installations, from minor to very large, the deployment options are numerous. We offer infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), where we take care of everything and Software as a Service (SaaS) on Private Cloud or Public Cloud. Both options open the world of cloud computing. We offer cloud computing from our premium data centres strategically located in UAE for MENA clients and in Amsterdam for European clients. The option for selecting your own data centre is also available. At the other end of the spectrum, we can install the platform on your infrastructure and premises. In both cases, we handle the design, capacity planning, network, and security to ensure your Sales and Trade Finance platform runs well-tuned and securely.

  • Does QUALCO ProximaPlus ensure the privacy and security of my data?

    From authentication and encryption to approval, the built-in security mechanisms of QUALCO ProximaPlus ensure total visibility and traceability across all transactions. The platform leverages commercial API gateways with support for access tokens, JSON Web tokens, LDAP, Social OAuth, and legacy authentication providers. Also, it offers end-to-end TLS encryption with short-lived web tokens and approvals via digital signatures. It provides comprehensive transaction logs with detailed audit trails for full visibility and traceability and includes real-time monitoring.

  • What are the connectivity options of QUALCO ProximaPlus?

    QUALCO ProximaPlus provides multiple interfacing methods. The platform comes with full OpenAPI capabilities and is equipped with a Swagger model. Meanwhile, API Gateway Rest API and SOAP WebServices are middleware solutions that allow us to communicate with external systems. All outgoing messages pass through the API Gateway module, are transformed according to the external systems' specifications and are sent synchronously. The platform also offers an SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), a secure file transfer protocol that runs over SSH protocol. SFTP is mainly used for transferring files regarding GL, BI, AML, Moody's, etc. Lastly, Kafka implements end-to-end use cases for event streaming with a single battle-tested solution, such as Exchange Rates and Payment clearance.

  • What technology is QUALCO ProximaPlus built on?

    We keep our customers at the forefront of innovation using state-of-the-art technology, including Java, Spring Framework, Angular and Open API type connectivity. Simultaneously, we offer a holistic service, including infrastructure design, using the latest IT security methods and techniques carried out by our certified engineers. Our end-to-end service results in a complete turn-key solution, ready to work perfectly and securely from day one.

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