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An end-to-end solution that carries consolidated business experience

A modern approach to collection and recoveries that manages accounts at any stage of the delinquency lifecycle.

End-to-end efficiency

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries provides the means to manage accounts at any stage of the delinquency lifecycle (from early arrears to legal and restructuring), supporting the management of any type of credit products.

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries facilitates both in-house and outsourcing operations, and addresses the needs of creditors as well as debt collection agencies and ensures compliance with no dependency on other lines of business applications.

QUALCO’s analytics offering can be used to address the efficiency of collection strategies and outsourcing models, as well as legal and restructuring workout. Advanced technology enables the effectiveness of automated segmentation strategies to be constantly evaluated so that adjustments can be made to enhance performance.


End-toend efficiency


Introducing the new Qualco Collections & Recoveries (QCR) web browser User Interface

Technology to meet your needs

Looking to manage in-house or outsourced debt collection operations? QUALCO Collections & Recoveries is a scalable and flexible solution.
QUALCO Collections & Recoveries quickly and easily integrates with third-party systems with no vendor involvement.
Meet your changing demands with functionalities that streamline collection processes from early arrears to litigation.


into the key capabilities, features, and benefits of our flagship, end-to-end debt management software solution

Detailed case management

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries is your platform for the direct management of your customers and accounts, across multiple channels.

Record activities
Record activities, promises to pay and critical notes, as well as set-up and manage payment arrangements and schedules.
Assign future tasks
Assign future tasks, update account statuses and customer details, and develop segmentation and strategy insights.
Benefit from advanced segmentation and workflow management capabilities.
Detailed case management
Loan management capabilities

Loan management capabilities

In an effort to deliver holistic solutions, QUALCO provides you with a full set of loan management functions that:

  • Covers all aspects of lending, bringing you a clear view of your business.
  • Connects origination and loan servicing in a single, integrated system.

A modern approach

Today’s larger debt management landscape needs a new approach. That’s why QUALCO focuses on:

  • Improved RPC rates in order to maximize collection efficiencies.
  • Flexible repayment plans that deliver affordable and fair solutions for customers.
  • Balanced workload and optimised resources, both internal and external.
  • Advanced user experience to increase workforce productivity.
A modern approach

Resources from QUALCO

Best practice blogs and guides written by our experts to help you manage all aspects of the debt portfolio lifecycle from methodology through to ethical practices.

On Demand Webinar
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What QUALCO Collections & Recoveries can do for you

Sophisticated decision engine

  • Extensive list of portfolio attributes for advanced segmentation operations.
  • Decision tree functionality that lets the credit institution determine the resolution strategy to apply, and to manage the flow of the portfolio throughout the various stages of the debt lifecycle.
  • Configurable strategies both for industrialised and relationship management operations through a rich user interface that organises the sequence and timing of collection and recovery operations.

Compliant with ECB guidelines for NPL management

Set up workout units and allocate management responsibilities.

Set up the layout and the data attributes of the Financial Assessment form and obtain the information required for determining the customer’s affordability both for physical or legal persons.

Configure restructuring products that offer a wide variety of options such as interest rate reduction, tenor extension, debt forgiveness, and split balance balloon payments.

Users are able to reach a suitable and sustainable solution during the negotiation process by considering disposable income and maximised net present value.

Implement going and gone concern approaches through user configurable workflows.


Legal & Restructuring Workflows

  • Highly configurable legal and restructuring workflows for putting in production complex processes compliant to the local legal and insolvency framework and to the debt restructuring policies of the credit institution. 
  • Operations are supported through a rich user alert infrastructure, approval and authorisation processes, structured collateral and real estate property data and relevant documentation. 
  • Online collaboration with third parties that extend the collections and recoveries landscape.

Specialised Capabilities for Portfolio Servicers and Buyers

Operate the system in a stand-alone mode that supports end-to-end placement management through interest calculation, payment and write off processing as well as invoicing of fees and commissions.


Reporting at any management level through comprehensive and user-friendly out-of-the-box data warehouse and analytics environment.

Self Service Kit

A set of tools to customize and extend QCR with no vendor involvement. This allows the definition and enhancement of integration interfaces, the re-design of the user’s interface and the configuration of additional segmentation attributes.


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