Comprehensive, end-to-end life cycle processing for Supply Chain Finance and Factoring Operations



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QUALCO ProximaPlus is a modular, end-to-end Factoring and Supply Chain Finance (SCF) platform to manage the Receivables Finance business. It streamlines operations and minimises the time and cost of new factoring and SCF products implementations by combining the flexibility required by business users with the efficiency required by administrators.

Being a third-generation platform, QUALCO ProximaPlus enables efficient risk management for the industry by leveraging predictive analytics and an embedded workflow engine. Following a digital-first approach, the external users have secure access to critical information on a 24/7 basis via an intuitive and fully customisable web interface.




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Streamlined processes

The integrated tools open the path for new standards in the receivables finance space both in short-term productivity and profits as well as the long-term ability of a business to be one step ahead of the competition.

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Full UI customisation

The bespoke front end puts user needs in a prominent position and enables them to interact smoothly with the system.

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Fast-time to market

Scrum Agile ensures faster and more cost-effective product delivery by following a customer-focused approach in defining, creating, and launching services that reply to the needs of their users.

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Transparency and control

The customers are eligible for great visibility when it comes to their transactions, which are fully audited. Trust between parties is reinforced since the system offers a transparent view of how things are working.

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Real-time interaction

From request for financing from the seller, confirming or disputing receivables from the buyer or any other action, the transaction is visible to the factoring's core system in real-time. This works as well as the other way around.

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Customer engagement

Supporting a wide range of communications, from financing confirmation or acceptance of a request, these are immediately visible to the sellers and buyers. With an internal messaging system, users can send messages and upload documents in real time.



Back Office
Back Office

QUALCO ProximaPlus Back Office is a comprehensive, web-based, Factoring and SCF back-office platform, capable of aligning easily with local legislations and business requirements. This is allowing the secure interaction with clients and debtors.

Tesla Radius
Tesla Radius

Tesla Radius is the online frontend platform of QUALCO ProximaPlus, accessible by suppliers and buyers. It allows factors, sellers and buyers to easily exchange information in real-time through their familiar web browser and to securely manage their customised accounts online.


Multi dashboard Portfolio, risk, anti-fraud and analytics system that is tailored to the receivables finance industry. Using Machine Learning algorithms, it enables the timely risk mitigation, early warning and behavioral analysis of sellers and buyers alike.

On Boarding
On Boarding

The module supports self-onboarding capabilities for involving parties such as buyers and suppliers. This is an important procedure in SCF especially in Reverse Factoring and Payables Finance Dynamic Discounting. Also, as a white label solution, the module can be customised according to specific business needs.

Scanning and OCR
Cheque Scanning and OCR

Cheque Scanning and OCR module enables the automation of the post-dated cheque entry invoicing process while it gives users access to various authentication methods for improved efficiency and security. It also authorises them to scan from any business platform available, for increased productivity.



State-of-the-art technology
State-of-the-art technology

From responsive technologies such as Angular 5 to IoT connectivity, we keep our clients at the brink of technology

High-end security
High-end security

From authentication and encryption to approval, QUALCO ProximaPlus built-in security mechanisms ensure total visibility and traceability across all transactions

Open scalable architecture
Open scalable architecture

The platform is developed using J2EE, Tomcat, and Apache. Being a true n-tier platform, the underlying engine is based on Oracle 12c and fast scaling architecture


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