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Local Government is a diverse sector and while there are similarities to other industries, there are also significant differences, particularly in regulation, that govern the funding and delivery of services.

​The debt recovery process throughout Local Government also continues to be in a state of evolution with emphasis on arrears collections. Some innovations and technology are being leveraged to quickly design and deliver strategy change, with the flexibility to adopt best practice from other industries. Workflows are looking to be automated, and best practice adopted in specialist treatment areas such as vulnerability.

QUALCO can help local government deliver this change with fully featured and flexible functionality:

  • An understanding and experience of working in local government, with features to enable work, such as annual billing and legal process
  • With modular feature sets to grow as sophistication grows
  • Ease of upgrade and implementation
    Can support flexible payment arrangements for different customer segments
  • Prioritise customer affordability to display the most appropriate payment options

Local Authorities typically have complex processes and legacy systems. Being nimble and flexible to adopt new processes can be a challenge.

System development can be protracted, with shortcuts and workarounds often made to accommodate resulting in a lot of manual processes that can be difficult to control and manage, with cascading impacts to system stability should something go wrong.

QUALCO can help to mitigate this risk:

Proven upgrade process with regular releases. Access improved and enhanced functionality
Continuous monitoring for stability checking, testing and issue reporting
Flexible business configuration toolkit to support agile change and design
Strong track record with built-in business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities

Local Authorities operate across the full range of demographics and each Council faces unique challenges to their strategies and ability to collect the debt as a result.

The challenge is often heightened by a fragmented approach to collection and data inaccuracy (in particular, with tenants). Debts, such as parking fines, leverage other government data, however, information cannot always be easily shared to allow more effective management of the collections contact strategy. A critical factor in effectively sharing information is data quality. Data must be right, consistent in definition and ideally augmented with other attributes, including those from external parties such as credit bureaus.

This requires coordination, data mapping, understanding of data handling and management of data sources. Doing so enables the opportunity for improved collections; doing well can transform your process and create dramatically improved experiences, driving collections improvement.

Use QUALCO’s expertise to drive best in class segmentation and use of data:

Create and manage customer views. Group multiple accounts to create a holistic view
Get better customer understanding and manage your data by integrating with our specialist data tool
Create data streams for scoring and modelling to segment, identify and classify accounts
Manage cases via external 3rd Parties with data exchange and interface functionality

Legacy systems and processes often make advancements within Local Government difficult.
Existing systems were designed to administer application for services rather than collection or recovery of income. Limited options and the prohibitive costs of change can make procuring new systems and technology difficult and the process complexity can be a barrier to entry for some vendors.

The use of modern collections technology and processes will undoubtedly help accelerate progress in the recovery of arrears in Local Government. It allows the introduction of new collections contact channels, digital technologies throughout the recovery of arrears.

A flexible and agile collections and recoveries platform can link to legacy systems and provide the benefits needed. They are enablers to allow the introduction of new techniques such as segmentation, enhanced processes in areas such as vulnerability and provide a platform for champion challenging collections strategy. They can provide benefits to both the local authority and the resident themselves.

How QUALCO helps:

Customisable digital channels allow customers to interact and self-serve through preferred channels
Integrated with the latest real-time APIs, all the latest forms of communication are easily accessible
Make better informed decisions based on accurate information with speed and ease
Determine the best outcome for customers tailored to their circumstance





QUALCO’s technology ecosystem helps you leverage data to gain customer insights, understand account behaviours and flexibly drive effective collections strategies to stay in control. Use the latest tools and techniques to minimise losses, optimise cost whilst creating good customer journeys and outcomes.


  • Manage, automate, and streamline your organisation’s processes
  • Design, run and control optimised collections and recovery processes
  • Quickly set up self-service portals and digital journeys
  • All with the aim of enhancing profitability


  • Ensure robust data management to fully leverage and control data gathered
  • Provide advanced analytics to enable more advanced decisioning and segmentation
  • Take full advantage of data to build sophisticated collections strategies

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