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Effective debt portfolio management

As high NPL volumes meet tougher regulation and increased costs, effective debt portfolio management has never been more crucial.

Model-driven for better results

QUALCO’s model-driven solution harnesses the latest technology to provide better results from your entire debt portfolio.

Across all debt phases  – from early collections through to legal and restructuring – the QUALCO Collections & Recoveries platform manages it all.


Model driven for better results

Why choose QUALCO? 

Maximise efficiency
QUALCO’s unique collections & recoveries platform is your single solution for the complete management of your customers and cases.
Safeguard portfolio quality
Explore clean, accurate data that is vital for defining and measuring the extent and characteristics of NPLs on the balance sheet.
Maintain customer retention
QUALCO’s customer-centric approach boosts customer engagement and rehabilitation.

Enhance Liquidity

Technology and detailed analytics are the keys to maximising liquidity and reducing NPL numbers.

Advanced analytics and reporting methodologies

Financial institutions around the world face increased complexity in operations due to high NPL volumes. But QUALCO solutions give you:

  • Advanced reporting and live performance statistics at every level you need, so you can manage and optimise your entire portfolio.
  • The real value of NPL assets to more effectively understand your portfolio and ensure maximum performance.
Advanced analytics and reporting methodologies

Redefine the debt landscape

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries is the ideal solution for financial institutions. It redefines the challenges of today’s debt landscape.

  • Advanced classification options, user-defined segmentation capabilities, rich GUI for strategy configuration.
  • Built on a customer-centric data model that facilitates a 360-degree customer view.
  • Advanced functionality to leverage alternative communication channels.
  • Vendor independent due to a set of tools supporting a broad range of operational areas.
  • Supporting complex processes compliant with the legal framework and the debt restructuring policies.

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