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Capability overview for Debt Purchasers





The Debt Purchase market has been on a significant growth trajectory the last few years. Regulatory pressure on the DCA market, combined with a low interest rate environment, which have left institutional investors looking for higher returns, both contribute to organisations turning to the debt purchase industry for profitable growth.

Debt purchasers have been impacted by this additional regulatory scrutiny, forcing some consolidation in order to create economies of scale.

The nature of debt purchase business means a suitable system of record that includes features such as processing payments, calculating fees, interest, and charges, together with full customer and account management and maintenance.

QUALCO helps Debt Purchasers deliver better services with measurable benefit:

  • Configurable system supporting agile change
  • Design and Control Customer Contact Journeys
  • Allow customers to self-serve digitally
  • Modular design to minimise bespoke customisation
  • Timely implementation and confidence regarding limiting cost overrun

Regulatory oversight has been steadily increasing. Debt Purchasers need to ensure customers can afford repayments, fully understand the implications of not making payments, with a need to identify and appropriately manage vulnerable customers.

Nowadays it is even more considered as a requirement to not just have controls in place but also to demonstrate and evidence the fact. This has increased the level of process monitoring and reporting required. To maintain profitability cost-efficiency remains a focus.

With significant regulatory focus businesses are continually assessing and developing forbearance strategies with continuous innovation in the industry. Flexibility to adapt and adopt new best practices is a competitive advantage.

Help to remain compliant with QUALCO:

Stay in Control - Enable compliance and add control all whilst mitigating risk with robust control reporting and documentation tools
Flexible payment arrangements - Fully configurable rules to ensure everything matches payment policies and hierarchies
The right data, the right time in the right location for agents to optimise call handling times and reduce costs

Debt Purchasers use credit scoring and data modelling to assess portfolios, creating triggers for contact, settlements and driving profitable outcomes. Capturing data, self-serve and integrated contact technology such as Omni-channel is all used to drive efficiencies and reduce the cost to serve.

With greater regulatory scrutiny on customer fair treatment, digital advancements are being leaned on to help, integrating with the money advice sector, government financial portals and credit bureaus to enable to automate workflow and capture compliance data.

A robust integrated collections system with a system of record capability is a key enabler. QUALCO Collections and Recoveries platform is a modern, comprehensive, and flexible end-to-end platform designed to manage, automate, and streamline your organisation’s processes. QCR can help enhance profitability, whilst minimising business effort and cost to realise early benefits

How QUALCO helps:

Connect to different data streams for scoring and modelling to segment, identify key customer traits and classify accounts
Use pre-built modelling techniques to devise your own internal scoring with the ability to predict and forecast behaviour prior to implementation
Increase your understanding of the customer base with complete linkage and integration with our data specialist tool D3E
Manage cases in the legal process at a granular level in-house or via external 3rd Parties with data exchange and interfaces functionality

Cost efficiency as a key driver of profitability remains a focus in the sector and digital customer engagement is seen as a key enabler. The ability for customers to be directed to self-serve with digital hand-holding, allows data to be captured, at a lower cost, also improving customer satisfaction, and contact centre service levels. (the Income and Expenditure process, to understand affordability, is a high touch process and a key target for digital automation in particular).

Integration with other financial services such as panel DCA’s, field agents and legal entities all help improve workflow automation and capture successful outcomes.

Embedding self-serve technology within the collections system through seamless integration allows data to be used across the collections strategy. It also enables performance and control monitoring. This is key within the current environment with regulatory scrutiny to ensure affordability and customer fair treatment.

QUALCO can help with your digital first strategy:

Customisable digital channels allow customers to interact and self-serve through their preferred channels
Control and configure an automated I&E journey with set validation controls
3rd Parties interface with pre-defined processes and treatment paths to reduce costs and add controls
Platform fully integrated with Debtstream's self-service portal for a seamless digital journey





QUALCO’s technology ecosystem helps you leverage data to gain customer insights, understand account behaviours and flexibly drive effective collections strategies to stay in control. Use the latest tools and techniques to minimise losses, optimise cost whilst creating good customer journeys and outcomes.


  • Manage, automate, and standardise your organisation’s processes
  • Design, run and control optimised collections and recovery processes
  • Quickly set up self-service portals and digital journeys
  • All with the aim of enhancing profitability
  • Ensure robust data management to fully leverage and control data gathered
  • Provide advanced analytics to enable more advanced decisioning and segmentation
  • Take full advantage of data to build sophisticated collections strategies


  • Quickly onboard portfolios and continue to manage accounts with complete flexibility to be able to adjust for multiple loan terms

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