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A holistic approach

Understand the full complexity of your portfolio, and get a clearer picture of the obstacles you face, by utilising QUALCO’s holistic approach to debt portfolio management.

Clarity and intelligence

In a complicated environment, QUALCO’s unified collection management system brings clarity and intelligence.

It operates across all collection/recovery functions and portfolios, and can be fully integrated with DCAs and legal offices – removing the hassle of incorporating new portfolios or managing assignment and recalls.


Clarity & Intelligence

Why Choose QUALCO

Quick & Flexible
Upload multiple clients and portfolios with no vendor involvement and no complicated processes.
Fully Compliant
In an increasingly regulated environment, QUALCO’s solutions provide peace of mind.
QUALCO Collections & Recoveries offers a set of features including robust calculations of commissions, accruals, charges, and interests.

Advanced analytics and reporting methodologies

Monitor and improve performance with solutions that give you:

  • Advanced reporting and live performance statistics at every level you need, so you can manage and optimise your entire portfolio.
  • Access accurate remaining values of your debt portfolio for successful secondary and tertiary sales.
Advanced analytics

Redefine the debt landscape

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries is the ideal solution for DCAs and debt buyers. It redefines the challenges of today’s debt landscape.

  • Incorporation of exceptional knowledge of DCAs and debt buyers’ operational models.
  • Quick and flexible onboarding of multiple clients and portfolios with no vendor involvement.
  • End-to-end payment management for both direct and pass through payments.
  • Embedded suite of online portals to originators, DCAs, legal offices, customers and field agents.
  • Regulatory framework with regards to customer’s affordability, insolvency or other vulnerability to ensure fair treatment.

Contact QUALCO

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