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Legal debt collection services are increasingly being sort after throughout all market sectors, leading to growth in the industry. As the market becomes more competitive, organisations are turning to managed legal services due to leverage new techniques and options for collections to secure late stage success when recovering debts.

As this usage increases, as does the regulatory oversight. With small, often low volume, specialism allows for economies of scale and ensures cost effectiveness to build robust compliant processes across this critical stage of debt collection. A focus on process and technology costs, along with regulatory adherence, ensures competitive services.

QUALCO helps Legal offices deliver better services with measurable benefit:

  • Dedicated Legal Recoveries Module
  • Specialist processes around litigation, enforcement, and asset management
  • Configurable system supporting agile change
  • Deliver optimal solutions for you and your clients
  • Seamless Digital Integration
  • Modular design to minimise bespoke customisation

The Legal industry is on the rise and regulatory governance and control are increasing to ensure that the core principle of treating customers fairly is maintained across the board.

Heightened regulatory compliance adds additional cost for businesses and creates a demand for control measures. These need to be put in place to monitor, demonstrate and evidence compliance.

Technological solutions, such as QUALCO Collections and Recoveries can help to provide this audit framework, to control processes and remain compliant.

How QUALCO helps:

Stay in Control – Enable compliance and add control whilst mitigating risk with our robust control reporting
Managing legal processes – Take advantage of pre-defined processes and treatment paths that meet regulatory requirements
Control and configure automated customer journeys with set validation controls

There is considerable focus on creating good customer journeys with fair outcomes throughout all stages of recoveries. Legal stages are no exception.

Clients instructing legal recovery services remain cautious to retain ultimate control of the decision proceeding cases to legal action. Seamless integration between client and legal office is mandatory to retain robust, streamlined processes.

For the organisation carrying out legal services it is imperative to quickly establish the nature of customer debts they have been instructed to recover and data at this stage is key.

Key indicators such as the debtor’s financial status, age of the debt, estimated cost of legal action, available documentation and chance of success through legal processes. Internal and external data, scoring and segmentation are all effective methods to create a streamlined legal process.

How QUALCO helps:

Integration with different data streams for scoring and modelling to segment, identify key customer traits and classify accounts
Use pre-built modelling techniques to devise your own internal scoring with the ability to predict and forecast successful outcomes
Increase your understanding the customers passed for legal recoveries with complete linkage and integration with our data specialist tool D3E

Cost efficiency is a high focus area for the legal industry, with many of the later stages of enforcement requiring manual touchpoints. Ensuring processes are as automated and streamline as possible is paramount to control costs. With over 80% of legal cases resulting in a resolution without further action being required, ensuring customers have the ability to self-cure allows agents to be utilised effectively on higher-value activity.

Seamless integration with clients through an easy-to-use portal also maintains transparent feedback loop and allows full visibility of strategies undertaken, alongside creating more manageable processes that occur in backend legal recoveries such as customer queries, statement of account/invoice requests, and approval of legal documentation.

How QUALCO helps:

A fully integrated self-service platform for a seamless digital journey
Effectively manage cases in the legal process with your clients at a granular level with data exchange and interface functionality
Automate legal and administrative processes in a step-by-step approach relating to specific areas of work
Configure rules for auto-production of forms or documents to be created within workflow





QUALCO’s technology ecosystem helps you leverage data to gain customer insights, understand account behaviours and flexibly drive effective collections strategies to stay in control. Use the latest tools and techniques to minimise losses, optimise cost whilst creating good customer journeys and outcomes.


  • Manage, automate, and standardise your organisation’s processes
  • Design, run and control optimised collections and recovery processes
  • Quickly set up self-service portals and digital journeys
  • All with the aim of enhancing profitability


  • Ensure robust data management to fully leverage and control data gathered
  • Provide advanced analytics to enable more advanced decisioning and segmentation
  • Take full advantage of data to build sophisticated collections strategies

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