QUALCO Portfolio Management

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Leverage the experience of our banking experts

QUALCO experts assess your portfolio dynamics and design best practice treatment strategies to maximise the value of non-performing assets.

Strategy and panel management

Leverage the strong banking experience of our skilled team by outsourcing any part of your collection and recovery process – from strategy to panel management.

Our analytical approach to portfolio management exploits behavioural patterns and advanced modeling to help us dynamically manage your portfolio and generate increased value.

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Strategy and panel management

End-to-end efficiency

Performance management
Beyond your initial set-up, our portfolio services actively manage and adjust your portfolio’s performance through regular reiteration and calibration of analysis, segmentation and business-model design.
Daily operations
Go directly from design to execution with our daily services, which work in the background to deliver value generation: smooth technology operations, strategy implementation, comprehensive reporting and full operational support.
Network management
Get up-to-date statistics at every level. Optimal debt-management insight designed to drive execution. Gain immediate access to a network of collections and recoveries partners, linked to our platform and managed by our experts.
Legal services
A dedicated team, part of the servicing hub, consisting of lawyers and administrative officers, acts as a central point of communications, providing consolidation of management and control of legal actions.

Every service you’ll need

Across industry sectors and business models, we provide:

  • Strategy design.
  • Performance management.
  • Partner monitoring and selection.
Every service you'll need
Every base covered

Every base covered

Qualco Portfolio Management’s daily operations include:

  • The cycle of assignment and recall of cases to agencies.
  • Performance monitoring across channels.
  • Management of compensation and targets.
  • Technical and business support.

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With offices around the world, we’ve always got an open door. Contact us so we can provide the right solution for your debt portfolio management needs.

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What QUALCO Portfolio Management Service can do for you

Plug-in access to a
wide range of partners

Clients benefit from QUALCO’s existing network of debt collection agencies and legal offices, already hooked onto its technology platform. QUALCO’s insight on selecting and actively managing the right partners keeps the network perfectly aligned with portfolio strategy.

Data-driven portfolio

By leveraging QUALCO’s advanced analytics capabilities and long hands-on debt management expertise, clients have the edge on optimal segmentation and strategies, from high-level design down to every detail.

Continuous performance

QUALCO’s portfolio experts constantly monitor the technology platform’s feedback on portfolio performance to tweak segmentation, strategies and outsourcing model. Clients get peace of mind that their portfolio’s performance remains on the right path.

Focus on

Clients can deploy their time and resources on business decisions while QUALCO takes care of portfolio management from setup to day-to-day operations, managing the network and running the technology platform to execute portfolio strategy.